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Sanora Skin Lightening Cream

sanora skin lightening cream

Sanora Skin Lightening Cream


Sanora Skin lightening cream – Intensify all skin types and lightens your skin in just days. Its also an anti-ageing Secret

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Sanora skin lightening cream is the best effective skin care product to maintain a youthful complexion, Whiten and clear spots. Brighten the complexion from the inside and outside. Smooth fine lines and pores, tighten skin and fights wrinkles thus delaying aging, Restore elasticity, Long lasting moisture effect. It contains a unique combination of skin healing tissue oil, herbal extracts and vitamins

Active Ingredients

Water (aqua), mineral oil, cetyl-stearylic, aloe, lanolin, moringa, isopropyl myristate, SPF, sodium lauryl, sulphate, collagen, fragrance, sodium sulphite, glycerine, retinol (vitamin A), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), Glutathione


Large-500g, Medium-300g, Small-150g