Welcome to wade through some of our happy clients remarks:

Emilly - Durban

Dear Sanora,
I have been using your products for over 2 years and they work great. I am now super light skinned. I used to have very dry skin and occasionally had eczema, but since I started using your products, my skin looks really good and I haven't had any eczema at all.
I'm a really happy customer.

Aishwarya - Alberton

Nothing I have tried before has ever been this effective for me. Being an Indian, i never believed that i will ever find a product that will match with my sensitive skin but it's been time well spent. Sanora dark marks removal & the lightening creams works like magic!! Please stay in business forever don’t change a thing please!
A Big Sincere "Thank you” for making such awesome products.

Bukelwa - East London

I tired this cream a while ago as this was gifted to me by my friend. This was the best gifted i had ever got. It has changed my life completely. I feel so confident now. Its a very good cream and its blessing to everyone who wants to use it. Thank you Sanora & my friend Sandra.

Zukie Pretoria west

What can I say? I have been looking for a product like yours for months. I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash when I use almost anything other than plant-based products. I was so impressed to see that your ingredients are only plant based! Admittedly, I have only been using the skin lightening cream for a week or so  but i feel good, and that's enough to convince me. Thank you so much for helping me find such a wonderful product!

Thandi - Cape Town

This is probably my 3th buy from seller. Tried the skin lightening cream before, concluded that though its price is somehow high, it does wonders only!! Can really see the skin looking more supple. However, I realized up till a point even though I continue taking them regularly, I seemed to reach a plateau in whitening. Am currently taking it for maintenance.

Nomie - Harare Zimbabwe

Woow!! I am now 5 shades lighter with a beautiful and even complexion. My friends always compliment to my new look. I am so happy that you assisted me in using the product effectively to get the most rewarding results. It seems that it was just a few days ago, but it has been 3 months now. Oh my how time flies when you are having fun and seeing positive results to the degree that I no longer have to wear makeup! Thanks a lot!


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