For quality skin lightening & care products.

Sanora beauty products is an exciting cosmetics brand specializing in quality skin lightening and care products for all types of skin.
All our products are a mixture of anti-oxidants such as glutathione mixed with vitamins, minerals, fluids and natural ingredients that aid in hydrating the skin and gives it a radiant look. So pop in to our online store and check out what we offer. We know you will love what you find.

Your beauty is our great concern.

Experience a youthful, smooth and radiant look in just days. Our products are a solution to lightening skin tone, hyper pigmentation, pimples removal etc.

Active Ingredients

No harsh chemicals, 83% natural ingredients, High glutathione content, Maximum sun protection factor (SPF).

Water (aqua), Mineral oil, cetyl-stearylic, aloe, lanolin, moringa, isopropyl, myristate, propyl paraben, methyl paraben, SPF, sodium lauryl sulphate, collagen, fragrance, sodium sulphite, glycerine, retinol (vitamin A), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), glutathione, overcado oil,natural bee honey, coconut oil, papaya, carrote oil.